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School Supply List

Please have your students come prepared with all their supplies on the first day of the 2017 - 18 school year. These supplies may need to be replenished as the year goes on. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

 2017 2018 SCHOOL YEAR



Backpack large enough to carry a folder

Box of facial tissue

1 Box of 5 oz paper cups for snack time

1 Box of color crayons

1 Box of 8 markers

Spiral notebook

1 folder



Supplies for whole group use - Please do NOT write names on supplies! 


   2 24 count box of  Crayola crayons

   1 Package of wide-tip markers (Crayola brand works best)

   1 Package of fine tip markers (Crayola brand works best)

   1 Box Colored Pencils (Crayola brand works best)

   1 Box of Kleenex

   1 Bottle of Elmers (4 oz) white school glue

   1 pair blunt tip children scissors

   1 large pink eraser

    Backpack big enough to hold 8 ½ x 11 inch folders and snow clothes labeled with name and no wheels please

     P.E. Shoes

     Your child's kindergarten teacher may have additional school supply requests.


First Grade

Supplies will be for whole group use, please do no write names on supplies.


2  Packages of wide-tip markers (Crayola Brand works great!)


1   Book bag or Back pack

1   Pair good scissors (Fiskar brand)      

1   Pencil Box

2   Pink eraser

1   Box of 24-count  Crayola Crayons (no larger please)

8   LOW ODOR Dry erase washable markers

3   Spiral Notebook

2 Large Boxes of Tissue

 P.E. shoes


 Second Grade

 1 erasers     

 1  Box colored pencils

 1  Box of 24 crayons

 1 Box Crayola markers 

 6  LOW ODOR dry erase markers or dry erase crayons

 1  Fiskars scissors (no point)

 1 package filler paper (college rule)

 2  Spiral notebooks

 2  Bottom pocket folders (plain)

 1 Composition notebook

 1  Pencil box

 1 Pencil pouch 

 1 Backpack

 2  Large box of tissue

  NO pencil sharpeners needed!    

 P.E. Shoes



 Third Grade


1 Pencil Box

1 1" 3 ring binder

5 Pocket folders (without brads) 1 with 3 hole punched

4 Composition notebooks (1 for World Language)

1 Spiral Notebook wide ruled

2 Pkgs loose notebook paper wide ruled

1 Box of crayons

1 Box of colored pencils

1 Box of markers

2 Red Pens

4 Highlighters

1 Wooden ruler ( inches and cm)

2 large erasers

8 LOW ODOR Dry-erase markers (fine point preferred)

1 Pair of Scissors

4 Large glue sticks or 12 glue sticks

2 Large boxes of tissue

1  package of index tab (binder dividers)


  P.E. Shoes



Fourth Grade

  1   Pair Scissors

  1   Package of erasers

  1   Ruler with inch and cm

  1   Protractor

  1   Box of crayons 

  1   Box of colored pencils

  1   Pencil Pouch  

  1  Pencil Box

  2   Packages of  loose notebook paper

  2   Red pen

  3   Composition notebooks

  8   LOW ODOR dry erase markers (prefer fine point)

  2   Large Box of Kleenex

 1   Package markers

  3  Pocket folders

  2   1 inch 3 ring binders

  4   Highlighters

     P.E. Shoes


Fifth Grade

  3 Packages of loose notebook paper   

  1  Pencil box/pouch

  3  Pens

  1   Ruler (with cm and in)

  1   Box of crayons

  1   Pair of scissors

  1   Box colored pencils

  1    Package of washable markers

  1   Large box Kleenex

  1   Small bottle of white glue

  1   Dry Eraser

  4 - 8  LOW ODOR Dry erase markers

  1   2 inch trapper keeper

  6  filing tabs

  2  3 subject spiral notebook

   P.E. Shoes



Special Education - Resource/Self-Contained

1   Box of Kleenex

2   Boxes of crackers

     (Cheese-Its, Gold Fish etc.)

1   Pink Eraser

3   LOW ODOR Dry Erase Markers



Self Contained 

  1   Box of Kleenex

  3   Pink Erasers

  3 LOW ODOR Dry Erase Markers

     Markers or colored pencils 


DI Classroom

2 pkg baby wipes

1 large box Kleenex

1 Box of markers

2 Dry Erase markers

1 large box of Goldfish Crackers

(Pull-Ups if your student uses them) 


PE Requirements

Tennis/court shoes


Winter Snow Requirements

Hat, Coat, Mittens, Snow Pants, Boots